English Fun Day

English Fun Day 2020-2021
Around the World at BCKPS
22nd June 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made life very difficult and strange recently. The world has been shut off and people can’t travel anymore. However, on 22nd June, we brought the world to BCKPS for our English Fun Day!

The theme of the day was ‘Around the World at BCKPS!’ Students got to learn about lots of different countries and play some fun and engaging activities. Each student had their own ‘passport’ with a list of places around the school they needed to visit.

At each stop, students completed the activity and filled in their passport, which they can use to collect a prize later on. Each stop had a special theme about countries, such as ‘Flags of the World’, ‘Animals of the World’ and ‘Food of the World’.

The English Room turned into the ‘music room’ for the day, as Ms. Binal taught students a Bollywood dance as well as other dances from around the world. Meanwhile, ‘Captain Edwards’ was stationed inside the CK Power Bus, where he read the famous story, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and had an awesome ‘trip’ around the world at BCKPS!


Buddhist Chi King Primary School
English Team